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The BCS myth we all seem to buy into.

Posted on: November 9, 2010 4:04 pm
Edited on: November 9, 2010 4:13 pm
Since its inception, the BCS has with only a couple of exceptions created more confusion than it has alleviated.  OU vs. FSU in 2000...that match up was right, Miami vs. OSU...this one worked as well, OU vs USC and OU vs LSU, not even close to fair or correct matchups.  Yes, my screen name is Sooner Magic and yes I love OU football but, we did not earn those trips to NC game, this system doesn't work.  I can't remember which year, I believe it was the year we played LSU, but we had just lost 35-7 to KSU in the Big 12 championship.  The only reasoning I could come up with was that the media had been really amping up the proclamation that OU's team that year just might be the best college team ever, they just couldn't believe THEY were wrong and they wouldn't admit their mistake.  OU vs USC, lord, there had to be another team out there more worthy, that could have given them a better game than OU did that night.  The one game I am not sure we didn't deserve though was Bradford's last year when we played and lost to Florida and Tebow.  Texas didn't like it, and I gotta be honest, that just made it seem more right!  That was a good game, AND someone has to lose these games.  Florida was the better team that night, we had the best QB, but they had the best team. 

In my opinion it is time to do away with the BCS and formulate a playoff system the administrations, coaches, and media can live with.  The fans and the players deserve it!  NCAA basketball has March madness, I'm not really a college basketball fan but, I watch the tournament.  I truly believe in the long run a playoff in football will pay huge dividends.
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